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Saturday, January 07, 2006

weekly roundup 1

This weekly piece will be posted on Sundays and will contain interesting news items compiled from five leading newspapers viz. the Times of India, the Indian Express, the Deccan Herald, the Daily Telegraph and the Hindu related to India and Indians. The links will be indicated to the respective pages for those who would like to read the complete story. The 1st installment covers the period from 1/1/2006 up to 7/1/2006.

Indian engineers to light up Kabul

KABUL: Engineers from India's Power Grid Corp are engaged these days in scaling the mighty Hindukush mountains of Afghanistan in a bid to bring electricity to power-starved Kabul. …. The 202 km transmission line being laid by Power Grid will bring 200 MW of electricity from the Timriz power project in Uzbekistan to the Afghan capital. India has provided $111 million for the project, out of the total $550 million it had committed for reconstruction activities in the war-torn country. … (read more)

Canadian election: Indians already winner

NEW YORK, JANUARY 4: At least 30 people of Indian origin, majority of whom trace their roots to Punjab, are in the fray for the Canadian general election, voting for which is scheduled for January 23. ……. Both the major Canadian political parties—the ruling Liberal Party and the main opposition Conservative Party—have gone out of their way to nominate members of the Indian community for the 39th general election….. (read more)

IE 4/1/2006 -

Britain awards 7/7 heroes, 12 NRIs also on honours list

The ‘‘immense’’ courage shown by medics, emergency workers and transport staff following the July 7 London bombings was honoured today in Britain’s annual New Year awards from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. …. The swift, efficient and in some cases overwhelmingly brave response to the attacks, for which London had been braced, was widely credited with preventing the death toll being much higher. …. Among 12 non-resident Indians chosen for the honours list are senior bureaucrat Sumantra Chakrabarti and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar …. (read more)

IE 1/1/2006 -

World’s first air damped bike

First of its kind, the air damping system in bike will significantly improve sag resistance and traction comfort apart from low weight and a long running life.
Readers of the Deccan Herald will be familiar with BMW’s sporty cars, but not many realise that its superb range of twin cylinder motorcycles actually predates its foray into car manufacture in the 1930s……….. (read more )

‘Thief’ caged in chicken coop

Residents of Tiretta Bazar, off Lalbazar police headquarters, woke up to a strange spectacle on Monday morning — a youth sitting in a large cage meant for carrying live chicken, with the door padlocked. ….. As people flocked around and watched him in strange delight, the youth sat shivering inside, barely able to hold his body inside the cage. ….. It was much later that the residents realised that the youth had been nabbed by some night guards, who had suspected him to be a thief. ……. (read more) (3/1/2006)

Molybdenum reserves remain untapped

Deposits identified in Harur belt spread over 194.86 hectares - Used in defence technology, aeronautical industries - Samples sent to the Indian Bureau of Mines
Dharmapuri: Rich deposits of Molybdenum ore found in Harur belt in Dharmapuri district that could be used in defence applications and aeronautical industry still remains untapped despite the initiative of the State Government. ………. (read more)



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