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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the unholy godmen

One more case has come to light involving another Godman – this time it is all about doling out ayurvedic medicines that contain ingredients that do no conform to ayurvedic roots as we know them. The Godman in the centre of this controversy has huge following involving leading personalities from all walks of life. Regular programs are telecast on his yoga asanas in selected TV channels. Only the other day, we saw another Godman, an MP, accept money for granting favors to those that can afford to pay for his services. And – several cases of misappropriation of temple funds have been reported from different parts of the country. This brings to focus the deteriorating standards of people who we have always kept on a high pedestal and had great faith in their powers. We respected them and their followers but, when greed gets the better of you, you are reduced to the levels of the ordinary men, and each of your action is in doubt.

Men who claim to be closer to God enjoy plenty of privileges – the evil ones among them take advantage of situations, especially on the illiterate population. There has been any number of cases where women, who are unable to conceive, fall easy prey to the evil designs of these ungodly Godmen. There have been cases of people who were lured by the chance of making a fast buck and doubling the money, becoming victims of these men. From the remote villages, these evil men have graduated to the city life style and have already understood that proper marketing can make them millionaires. During the last Kumbhmela in Nasik, it was surprising to see sadhu babas moving around on motor cycles and flashing cell phones. Dressed in saffron robes with the hair knotted high above the head, they represented a different picture when they sat in meditation, with their eyes closed, in the tents. The continuous chanting of hymns through strategically positioned microphones lends an air of authenticity to the environment. What actually happens in the background is anybody’s guess. Then there was this case of a DIG of police who renounced his hi-fi life to search for salvation, he donned robes unbecoming of an IPS cadre. The tension of policing must have taken its toll on the gentleman.

One thing is certain – such disclosures have shaken the belief the ordinary man has in the institutions that are supposed to set examples for others to emulate. The common man never had it so bad – the guardians of the law exploit him to the fullest – he has to pay bribe to register an FIR or not to register one! Either way, the uniformed persons gain. When the poor common man looks towards heaven for peace, he faces the unholy Godmen – they also want to exploit him.


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