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Sunday, January 01, 2006

some more star gazing 2006

(in continuation….. )

Leo – your growl has gone with the wind. Once upon a time you considered yourself to be the Lord of the jungle but the identity of the jungle has assumed new dimensions, trees are replaced by concrete. Tom Cat has replaced you in the MGM logo in all those Tom and Jerry cartoons. Names like Sher Singh are out of fashion. You seem to be a lost cause – like your cousins in the Gir forests and the Common Man. All of you must rise and be counted in 2006.

Virgo – well, you did have your days. You were happy to bask in the knowledge that you were treated like a jewel in the crown. Unfortunately, the likes of you are considered to be old fashioned today. Try to win back the lost glory in 2006.

Libra – the scales are weighed heavily in favor of the wrong ones. Money can tilt them towards you. Remember this basic fact of life and capture the world in your pocket. ‘Jago grahak jago’ is the mantra of the day. Assert your powers in 2006.

Scorpio – yes, they sting. The recent sting operations have left several well-known personalities out in the cold. Everyone loves to see the other man exposed for what he (or she) is. Continue the good work in 2006 and take adequate precautions to see that the projects in hand do not boomerang.

Sagittarius – those born under this sign are usually masculine in nature and mutable that is adaptable and capable of molding into circumstances. Avoid those who can influence your decisions in public life – then only can your domestic life be happy in 2006.

Capricorn – stubborn is what you are. It has its plus points but when the opposition does not yield, you have a fight on your hands. Take care to keep her contented – when she hankers for a diamond, start with silver and keep provisions for gold. Summer holiday in Capri and investments in the pop corm and corn flakes industry will pay rich dividends.

Aquarius – water constitutes ninety percent of the world, water in different varieties from the teardrops to rain drops. In one place it is ice, another it is steam. It does not take long to shift from one group to the other. Tread with caution in 2006.

Pisces – these have been given a new lease of life, thanks to the Natgeo channel. We are left astounded at the variety that abound on this earth and excel at the way one swallows another and in turn gets swallowed by a still bigger one. That is the philosophy of life at its best. Live and let live is the message for 2006.


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