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Monday, January 02, 2006

sighs on the size

Whoever said that size matters is today resigned to accept the fact that size does not matter. Whilst one group urges you to live life king-size, others tempt you with tiny gadgets that transform your world. It penetrates to your private life also – whether to limit your family or not is a question doing the rounds: the concept of ‘ek-ya-do-bus’ may soon get the boot. The more the merrier certainly has its advantages especially when you plan for an exclusive cricket team where you will be the Boss.

Even the accommodation is today is reduced to 1BHK which is supposed to stand for one bedroom, hall and kitchen. In terms of area, this could be as small as a two hundred square feet layout – the occupant is expected to squeeze his world into this tiny space, his world complete with the set of domestic appliances right from the TV and fridge to the cooking oven readily available on installment. The size of the budget necessary to purchase all these on cash is large; hence small easy-to-handle EMIs have become popular. And, to cater to such ways of living, there are two tier cots, dining tables that can fold into the wall, sofas that can double up as a bed etcetera.

The concept of enjoy now, pay later is gradually setting up a new social order. Travel agents are enticing the gullible public into their nets – coupled with reduction in air fares, people who used to stay indoors are today flying out to neighboring countries Singapore and Dubai for vacations. Here again, there are concessions and schemes of installments. Never get upset by rising costs, they are always within manageable limits. If you default on payments, the financiers know how to extract their pound of flesh.

The basic concept of cutting your coat according to the cloth has lost its relevance. Today you can patch up your coat with bits and pieces of any other cloth – you will be setting a new trend in fashion. Who knows, if you are lucky, you may be able to dislodge some of the existing fashion designers from their pedestals.


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