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Friday, January 20, 2006

pitched battles

Brushing aside the unpleasant memories of the Gadaffi stadium in Lahore, the teams descend on the Iqbal stadium in Faislabad for the second session. Missed chances will be a point of dispute for quite some time. Already fingers have started their familiar game of transferring blame. It is strange that the Indian openers out in the middle were not aware of the approaching milestone – the subject was known to the TV commentators and, via their discussions, to all the other players. When they assembled for tea, it would have been terribly unlikely that no one broached the subject. Opportunities like this come once in 50 years and, inability to capitalize on it is sheer bad luck. Let us hope the second Test of the series begins on more auspicious notes and provides fulsome entertainment to the millions of viewers who will be glued to their TV sets over the weekend.

After the capture of lip movements pertaining to the secret and privileged conversation between the present and the ex captain in the company of the coach, all concerned are wary of the TV crew and their all powerful cameras. What actually transpired remains a mystery and will remain such till one of the three decides to open his mouth – maybe in his autography at a later date. The field cameras that the crew lug around in the hope of being the first with the ‘breaking news’ are becoming a nuisance. It is difficult, well nigh impossible, to escape the probing eyes. They do have their uses but also create embarrassing and avoidable situations. Like the one-to-one verbal exchange between Veeru and Sami.

As the World cup 2007 comes nearer, all the teams seize every opportunity to sharpen their weapons and hone their skills. Therefore, the idea of conducting a tri Nation ODI series between Pakistan, Australia and India will be useful to all the three. The possibility arises from the decision of Zimbabwe to withdraw from Test cricket for the remaining part of the year. They were scheduled to tour Pakistan. Now, that vacant slot can be put to better use.


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