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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

mud slinging exercises

This is an area where we have gained sufficient expertise and could very well consider setting up International centers to spread the message.

A proposal to this effect is doing the rounds and is being shuttled from North block to South block – the Institution will initially be controlled by the Ministry of Education and will be assisted by a team of experts from the agricultural ministry because ‘mud’ is associated with soil and, unless handled properly, can land the authorities into neck deep trouble with the sons of the soil. The sports ministry will also have a significant role to play because ‘exercise’ is linked with sports. To be able to accept challenges, the players must be cent percent fit, both physically and mentally. Any and every game of today has psychological undertones, mind games are the norms of the day. There are any numbers of gadgets to simulate live conditions under which the players practice – in the absence of fast bowlers, there are bowling machines. Instead of fast serving tennis players, there are again devices that shoot the ball at you trying for aces every time. A major hitch is whether this should form a part of the Arts stream or the Science stream – a final decision will be taken once the Ministers meet over dinner, an extension of dinner diplomacy because they are from different political parties.

Mud slinging is a state of the mind when vague allegations are made to tarnish ones image. As a result, spotless reputations take a beating and crumble into dust. There used to be a time when people would be careful of making allegations against any person – before uttering any thing, he would be extra cautious to ascertain the facts. Condemning anyone based on hearsay is incorrect – and, that is exactly what we practice. Our mental setup being what it is, the affected person seldom goes to court for redressal or sues for defamation unlike other countries where such actions are viewed seriously by one and all. To add a footnote – search is on to induct the first batch of Professors and Lecturers. The basic criterion is the amount of mud that the candidate has slung till the cut-off date. In order to qualify, he must have at least five instances to his credit in the past year. He must also be in possession of a valid passport and be willing to accept overseas assignments, especially in cannibal infested areas.


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