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Thursday, January 12, 2006

let confusion prevail

Dutch medical researchers believe they can predict senile dementia years before symptoms begin to show by examining the size of two parts of the brain, a new study says.

I wonder whether this news item has come to the notice of BCCI. The way things are happening points to the fact that assistance of the Dutch need to be sought to weed out the old fossils who make a mockery of the present system. The latest one is probably that of the present Manager Raj Singh Dungarpur of Team India who had some unpleasant comments to make of our previous captain Sourav Ganguli. In this context, the following excerpt of 2001 is relevant – ‘….. At his age, Dungarpur could be forgiven, I guess, for forgetting today what he said yesterday. ….’

When the news channel challenged him, he sought shelter behind the coat of the President who came to his rescue. He has even gone to the extent of saying that the complete thing is a figment of someone’s imagination and that latest technology has been resorted to show an interview that never took place. Blame it all on technology is the escape route that people in authority believe in. It seems that concerted efforts are being now made to malign the news channel.

These recent controversies involving various aspects of cricket in India, has loads of possibilities to give rise to a whole new generation of writers. Remember the Carpetbaggers that set off a spate of books and films like Nevada Smith. Well, here also the atmosphere is electric. Statements made one day are retracted the next and revised and presented on the third. These speak of lack of knowledge of those who make the statements. Even after 58 years of Independence, even though we know that efficiency continuously deteriorates with age, we have not defined the retirement age of a large section of persons who fall in the category of decision makers. We have left it to them to decide on when to step down and relinquish office with dignity – unfortunately, no one takes heed to the signals.

Efforts are on to pass legislation in the next session of Parliament on phone tapping. The agenda could also include a proposal for deciding on the retirement age of persons who are not covered by them right now.


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