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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

holiday on ice

New Delhi has, a few days back, recorded the lowest temperature in the last 70 years withy the mercury nudging the zero degrees mark – there was TV coverage of ice flakes on the streets and on top of parked cars in the capital. Today, there are videos on TV of a frozen Dal lake with children enjoying it. This reminds me of the sixties when a show came to Kolkata called ‘holiday on ice’. Artificial enclosures were prepared where girls displayed their arts of snow skating.

Even today, snow skating rinks are there in the heart of Kolkata and other large cities. The heroines of the sixties and seventies loved to shoot in icy locales and perfected the art of preparing snow balls and hurling them at the heroes. Then there were the heroes who would roll down icy terrains singing songs that people cannot help but hum when the mood is right. Unfortunately, the speed at which we are inviting the ice age into our lives sends out disturbing signals. We must respect Mother Nature and control the urge to ignore the cover she has provided for us. We all know that large trees are necessary to bind the soil and also provide a shelter for birds. Trees are, however, uprooted to pave the way for widening of roads, or for expanding areas under concretization. Our winged friends fly off to other areas.

Moreover, unchecked pollution takes its toll not only on our own lives but also on the flora and fauna that are so important to maintain the balance of Nature. Once we disregard the basics, we invite trouble – we create situations like draught and floods and, now, snowfall in the capital. In order to extricate ourselves from the problems that we create ourselves, we look towards the Government to bail us out through grants and subsidies. Let us rise as one and resolve to preserve Nature.


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