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Sunday, January 01, 2006

hi tech versus simple living

The recent sting operations have revealed that living life hi-tech is becoming dangerous by the minute. A time may very well come in the near future when we will suddenly discover that it is impossible to have a quorum in the Parliament due to disqualification of the members.

Electoral reforms are being discussed regularly in both houses but nothing concrete seems to take place, it continues to get shelved for obvious reasons. No political party is serious to weed out the evil. Gandhiji, the Father of the Nation, had the vision of a Ram-rajya, a rajya where honesty prevails, where sincerity and integrity are the key words to success. Unfortunately, our leaders have locked on only to Ram and are busy identifying Lakshman, Hanuman and other stalwarts who were important players in the epic Ramayan. It was a beauty to behold Leaders ensconced on a dais specially designed to depict the lotus gradually open its petals but the ensuing revelations and statements left a bad taste in the mouth.

There are no secrets as to the extent of rot that has crept into our systems. Bribing our way to the goal is second nature to us – we do not hesitate to forego some money to lay hands on that extra little bit of comfort whatever it may be: a berth in a reserved compartment at the last minute or an out of turn allotment of a seat in the kindergarten or in the seats of higher levels of learning or even to get the coveted appointment letter. Just imagine a scenario – a student smuggles a spy cam into the classroom and shoots a video of the teacher sleeping or writing notes for some publisher. It can turn into a tool par excellence for blackmail – the student can begin dictating terms. Therefore, it stands to reason that unless a check is introduced to declare all such equipment as illegal, heads will continue to roll. Schools and Colleges will find it difficult to get the teaching staff; the havilders will not have any boss to report to.

Like the spy cam, there should be a second legislation to declare the private TV channels as illegal – that will ensure that there are no public disclosures of underhand dealings or of confused and embarrassed leaders retracting their earlier statements. Let us have only one TV channel Doordarshan and let us be entertained by serials like Buniyad or Ghar Jamai or Ulta Pulta. Let us have serials based on novels of Munshi Premchand or on short stories of Tolstoy and O’Henry. Let us give simple living a chance.


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