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Sunday, January 08, 2006

the global link language

It is now official – Hindi has taken the world by storm, it has penetrated the heavily guarded precincts of the White House. With Mickey Mouse dancing to the hottest tunes of ‘kajra re’ and ‘dus bahane’, with our beauties walking the ramp in International beauty pageants and lifting the crowns once in a while, this was bound to happen. Uncle Sam has realized that those who speak Hindi can not only handle software problems efficiently but can also extend helping hands in other fields as well. It is reported that he is real serious in tackling the terrorist outfits and wants to clear the hurdles of conducting meaningful one-to-one talks with the captured members of terrorist groups.

There is a second school of thought that suggests that this move is one of the first steps in trying to discover what transpires in conversations between the Hindi speaking youth settled in Silicon Valley and what makes them tick. That could be a reason why Bill Gates visits us so frequently – he has tremendous foresight, he is aware that Uncle Sam has made up his mind to ensure that his people grasp the intricacies of the language so that they can have a level playing field. Bill must be nurturing plans to make his Office systems more adaptable to Hindi. To assist him in this enormous task, he has to requisition the services of experts in the field.

Right now, his options would be limited because those who seriously pursue Hindi, belong to a generation that may not be comfortable to venture out to Uncle Sam’s territory and take up the new challenges or to keep awake nights to attend to call centre needs. With the focus on areas that are more lucrative (like IT, Engineering, Medicine or the Administrative services), there are very few takers for language related subjects. If Bill Gates and his tribe are forced to rely on the younger generation, they will land up with hotchpotch Hindi – a combination of Hindi punched with English as she is spoken in the metros. That may not appeal to Uncle Sam. Therefore it is a wake up call to Hindi pundits - do not despair, your time has come. Get ready to jump on to the band wagon that rolls on dollars. Who knows – Hindi may very well become the global link language of the next century.


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