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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

gear up for d day

Yes, D-day has come in all our lives at some time or the other. No, it is not Doom’s day when Pearl Harbor was bombed but the Deciding day – the day when you take the first step in whatever you plan to do. The first tentative steps are always fraught with fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of defeat, the fear of mockery. It takes tremendous mental strength to come out of the crisis. Those who emerge with flying colors instinctively learn the basics of crisis management – never say die.

One such D-day is the examination day. Remember when we were kids and would come to the exam hall with palpitating hearts. We would be accompanied by our parents and, we would have flowers in our pockets, flowers that were blessed by the local pujari. Our mothers would have prostrated themselves in front of the deity and prayed that their children come out with flying colors. Those were the days when a ‘pass’ was considered to be an achievement of sorts. As we slogged it out in the confines of the torture chambers racking our brains to unearth the replies from memory, our parents would wait patiently outside in the school grounds, under the shade of trees. Once we submitted our answer papers, we would meet them and proceed to share a few moments of peace along with our lunch. There would be some special item in the menu – just to encourage us and egg us on to achieve the target. The last day of the exams, all of us would heave a sigh of relief and proceed to celebrate with, probably, a cinema show. The cinema distributors knew and were ready with their fare of cinemas that the whole family could enjoy.

Today, the examinees are under constant tension to perform – they have to ensure marks in the nineties. Everyone’s energies are diverted towards that end. While the mothers keep awake with glasses of nourishing drinks for the kids, the TV remains dead, relatives do not drop in and the fathers try to lay hands on authentic suggestions. Once the last of the exams are over, the poor kids have to move on to the next stage – prepare for the competitive exams that pave the way for the future. It is no wonder that many of these kids succumb to the pressure and resort to actions that leave all concerned helpless.


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