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Friday, January 20, 2006

a fresh start

When things do not turn out the way we want them to, we decide to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. This is a trait all of us possess in varying degrees. Remarriage is one such important event. Reasons for separation may be many but the reason for remarriage is one – possibility of finding happiness by taking corrective actions to prevent a repetition of earlier mistakes. Some may search in their known circles of friends and relatives for a better partner than the one that flew away, others invade the columns of holy matrimony on Sundays. They make for interesting reading. It is of interest to note the appearance of words like ‘innocent’ and ‘issueless’ in the advertisements. Here are a few samples on view from a Sunday edition (spelling/abbreviations/grammar unchanged) –

43/5’5”/divorced principle of reputed college of London ……

Tall well settled CA Catholic Mumbai 43 years issueless divorcee living alone proposal from educated presentable single divorcee or widow …..

Match for 28 years handsome MBA Punjabi boy established business income seven figures, wealthy family short marriage at age 22. Mutual consent divorce …..

MG Director Mumbai based 5’9”/33 v.h’some require v.fair, homely girl can help in business, divorce in process. No issues ……

Visiting US citizen 58/5’7” 70 Kg young l’king prefer issueless partner …..

Fair, handsome, issueless divorce, US citizen, MS/MBA, IT, 40/5’6”, very young looking, seeks open minded, slim girl upto 35 yrs …..

Wntd tall bful homly Sunni girl unmarried 22 years for smart educated 26 years businessman income in six figures innocent divorce no kids ……

Beautiful, cultured, fair, 5’4”/39 years old Bengali, US citizen, innocent divorcee (brief marriage), issueless ……

Edu established match for Mumbai based PG working, 35, 5’3”, fair, good looking, cultured, issueless divorcee ….

Alliance invited for Sindhi, slim, b’ful 33/5’4” USA Green card, computer Engineer IT professional, innocent divorcee within 1 yr of marriage …..

Alliance invited for Pb Dentist slim, smart, issueless divorcee girl 33/156 ……

40/5’3” divorcee fair girl smart educated expert in all work …..

Fair 31 years/grad/Rajput divorcee 9 yrs daughter defence background pref for Hindu upto 36 yrs defence or well placed even one issue acceptable ….

38 years fair slim NI issueless divorce last 18 years caste no bar ……

Divorcee MA 40 yrs, Iyer with 2 kids seeks well settled match …..

BRHM 34/5’6” I’less div wrkg decent fly seeks groom below 40 yrs …..

BHU i’lsss div grad 28/5’1” teaching convent …..

MBA London 5’3” 37 (looking young) beautiful innocent issueless divorcee wrkg as Manager for International bank …..

Mumbai based employed Hindu Nair divorcee (issueless) girl 33/5’5” seeks match ….


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