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Sunday, January 08, 2006

food for all

The mosquito stings you, extracts a morsel of its food and buzzes away to taste another. The sparrow picks up the ants and relishes the taste. The crow swoops down into the dust bin and flies away with a dead rat in its beak. Every living being must have food for basic survival – in the domain of human beings, there are the haves and the have-nots. While the former can take his pick, the latter has to be satisfied with whatever comes his way. If nothing does, he fills his stomach with water and goes to sleep hoping for a better tomorrow. And – those who have everything for the asking wait to meet the doctor the next morning. The problems are usually related to hypertension or high blood sugar or high cholesterol or problems of the heart. Those who live in the other end of the spectrum seldom suffer from these ailments.

Humans are grouped as vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Those who come in the non-veg category enjoy the taste of blood and blood related products that embrace a large variety of fish and animals. The only difference with other animals is that humans want theirs to be processed and not served in the raw. It should have unique taste and flavor, hence additives are a must. In order to perform these tasks, there are any numbers of gadgets in the market and, to train you in the art of preparing mouth watering dishes, there are cookery classes. On top of it all is a range of cutlery, crockery and associated etiquette and table manners to make the activities related to satisfying the taste buds an experience that has no parallel. Influence of the East has resulted in the growing popularity of Chinese and Thai dishes. Whether you use chop sticks or fork-knife combination or plain fingers, obtaining a degree in Hotel Management opens up innumerable avenues of prosperity. If you have a flair for impressing your audience with your method of presentation, you may become a celebrity.

When a person leaves his mother’s apron strings and moves to an unknown place, he has to rely on local eateries for food. In some cities, home prepared food is supplied to offices in Tiffin carriers. Later, when he gets married, he has to accept the preparations of his new companion – she may not be a master in the art. Still, tolerance becomes the watchword. By the time she masters the art, he probably reaches that stage in his life when restrictions are imposed on what he can take and what he has to avoid. A sad state of affairs, if I may say so.


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