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Monday, January 23, 2006

engineers in politics

It is nice to know that a group of talented Engineers from different IITs have got together with the objective of repairing the damages that has been done to the fabrics of our politics. Apparently, they have chucked lucrative jobs and, with an eye on social service, have embarked upon this noble mission. It s not that Engineers have not graced the Parliament earlier. Sri Nitish Kumar, the present CM of Bihar is an Engineer. He has done his B.Sc. (Engineering) from Bihar College of Engineering, Patna (Bihar). But, it will be a near impossible task for a handful of young people to take on the administration that is so corrupt that to uproot the evil would be like rewriting history from 1947 onwards; a formidable task and, certainly, not an easy one.

The power of money is tremendous, it washes away the noble intentions into the gutters as if they were so much dirt and, when resisted, spells doom. We have seen it happen – the case of the Manager of the oil company who was shot dead when he stood up against malpractices is still fresh in our memory. The politicians who we see in real life are no different than the ones we see in the Bollywood movies – the same double faced persons who have only selfish motives behind whatever they do. And, their hordes of musclemen know how to bully people into submission. They resort to indirect blackmail and threaten to harm the family members when the innocents do not agree to toe the line.

Our best wishes go out to this fearless group of young Engineers who have embarked on a dangerous mission – only, a few word of caution: an exercise of such large magnitude will require representatives from all over the country. There would be possibilities of unscrupulous elements entering the group. In their enthusiasm to do good for the Nation, the serious ones must never let down their guard. There has to be rigid guidelines for inducting volunteers who will be sincere and dedicated to the cause and who will have the welfare of the common man uppermost in mind. Remember - one bad apple is enough to spoil the complete consignment.


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