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Friday, January 13, 2006

encounter specialists

No, this has no relation to the Nana Patekar movie Ab Tak Chhappan. This piece is about encounters we all have in our daily lives and how we become specialists over a period of time. Experience makes one perfect and as we gain experience in understanding the reasons of why someone does something, we master the art of encounters.

In the market place, we encounter the vendor who sweet talks you in accepting his colored veggies and tips the scales in your favor to influence your decision. In the shopping malls, there are encounters of the sophisticated kind with freebies and slogans of ‘buy two and take one free’. In schools we encounter kind teachers who take it upon themselves to teach your child and ensure that he does better in his exams – in exchange, you have to agree to make liberal donations to his kitty. If you have grown up kids who are on the threshold of deciding the stream to follow, you will encounter knowledgeable persons who can once again ensure hundred percent success provided you do not mind shelling out suitable compensation. When it comes to gainful employment after acquiring the basic qualifications, there are yet more people who line up at your doorstep with proposals – yes, its all a part of the game, its the policy of sharing. Once in service, you encounter people who come around peddling credit cards, they entice you with attractive offers and agents who deal in shares, company bonds and other financial instruments that prima-facie appear to be attractive. You seldom read between the lines or the fine print, even if you do, it is doubtful whether you can interpret the implications or the complications. Then there are the travel agents and tour operators who you encounter when you consider taking time off with your family to lose yourself in the mountains or the beaches, when you want to go away far from the madding crowd. To these smartalecs, you are as ignorant as the next one in line; they will convince that whatever impression you had carried till now about holiday travel were wrong. No matter how intelligent you try to prove yourself to be, they will have the last word, they will sell you a package in any case.

It would not be wrong to say that in each one of us there resides an encounter specialist. He may not be of the Nana Patekar type but he is a specialist all the same.


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