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Saturday, January 21, 2006

cultural revolution

Some of our beloved leaders delight in the art of speaking impeccable Hindi with proper accent on where it is due. The commoner, on the other hand, loves to speak in Hindi as she is spoken in Bollywood – words and phrases like ‘boley toh’, ‘khallas’, ‘apoon koh malum nehi’ etcetera are more close to their hearts. This could be one of the reasons why the mobile wielding leaders with their trishul toting guards are unable to interact with the masses as they would have liked to. To have effective communication, the gulf that is widening has to be bridged.

Today, nothing seems to match with the ideal – the clothes, the language, the eating habits, every thing is far removed from the dream situations. Whether we admit it or not, deteriorating standards of acceptance by society are setting up clashes of culture. Item numbers are mandatory in movies to improve their ratings – the video versions released ahead of the actual movie ensures raking in of moolah by the producers. Movie songs of today are created with one objective in mind - to ensure that each and every part of the body enjoys its fair share of freedom. Gone are the days when songs related to festivals were popular – festivals like rakhee or holi or bhai dooj or marriage had specific songs to match the occasions. In the absence of newer versions, we listen to the oldies that remind of our culture.

Lyricists of today are so engrossed in writing love songs that lend themselves to mournful rendering and picturisation in exotic locales that they would have to spend sleepless nights to come up with songs related to festivals. They would rather prefer to pen songs for the Valentine’s Day where bodies can gyrate under psychedelic lights. In case the lyricists can be influenced to have a change of heart, it would be interesting to listen to what the present day versions of songs on rakhee or holi or bhai dooj would sound like.


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