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Thursday, January 05, 2006

cricket in 2006 and 2007

Our blue eyed, blue coated boys are on their way to Pakistan with both sides waiting eagerly to prove a point or two. Already announcements have been made of the Asia cup for men to be held in Pakistan in September 2007. The World Cup cricket 2007 for men is sandwiched in between. It is scheduled in the West Indies. From the fifth of March zero seven till the twenty eighth of April zero seven it will be cricket all the way. The mascot chosen is Mello - neither an object, animal nor person but instead a youthful, friendly, contemporary character with bright eyes, a big smile and an abundance of personality. …… He’s in his teens—cheeky and curious and socially aware like so many young people today. Because Mello is conscious of the growing HIV problem around the world he wears a red ribbon to show his support for the ICC/UNAIDS initiative.

The selected venues are as follows -
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua - Capacity: 20,000 of which 10,000 will be permanent - Location: the stadium is to be conveniently built between the city and the airport.
Kensington Oval, Barbados (32,000) - History: hosted its first Test in 1929-30 and first ODI in 1984-85 - Status: major upgrade to be undertaken to add additional seats and improvements to player, media and sponsor facilities
Queen’s Park, Granada - Built: 1998 - Capacity: present capacity of 13,000 to increase to 20,000 through temporary stands - Status: minor upgrade required
Providence stadium, Guyana - Capacity: 20,000 Status: to be built on a completely new site
Sabina Park, Jamaica – 20,000 - History: hosted its first Test in 1929-30 and first ODI in 1983-84 Status: major upgrade to be undertaken
Warner Park Stadium, St Kitts and Nevis - Capacity: increase from 4000 to 10,000 with the addition of temporary stands Status: the stadium is to be completely renovated and rebuilt with new facilities for media, spectators and players
Beausejour Stadium, St Lucia - Built: 2001-02 - Capacity: increase existing capacity of 12,000 to 20,000 with the addition of temporary stands - Status: relatively new stadium – minor upgrade required
Queens Park Oval, Trinidad and Tobago - The oldest ground in the Caribbean - Capacity: 25,000 - Status: minor upgrade required.
However, it seems there are problems with some of these venues –
‘ …….. To make a long story short, one official explained, the stadium is not threatened by the IMF feasibility study; the people of Guyana are.
According to one official, a bigger threat is the widespread belief (at the WICB/ICC CWC 2007) that the stadium will not be completed in time. According to one confidential report, Guyana was only granted the 'green package' because it is widely anticipated that within the next six months, Guyana could be excluded from the entire process because of non-performance.
Bear in mind that Guyana got more than it bid for. The original Guyana bid was for the 'brown package' (hosting India's first round games) but this was awarded to Trinidad & Tobago.
Instead, Guyana got the "green package" which is six Super 8 (quarter final matches). The allocation of the Super 8 matches does *not* automatically mean that Guyana will in fact get to host the matches.
At a meeting in Jamaica in mid-August, Guyana's delegation made a strong case about its technical ability to complete the stadium and the World Cup board issued a statement to say Guyana was first to start construction. But, it is clear Guyana is not out of the woods yet.
The good point here, as Dehring explained, is that the CWC is committed helping those countries awarded games to honour their obligations.
In the meantime work has begun on the stadium amidst major finger-crossing that the infamous Guyana weather and politics (the World Cup straddles the 2006 elections) do not spoil things……..’

Let us wish cricket lovers all over the world the very best for the future – in 2007, there will be sixteen nations competing. Let us hope others are encouraged to join the game and increase its reach.


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