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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

all for a room

Getting a room to stay is a problem all of us have faced. Even if you do manage to get one, you may not like it because of uncompromising neighbors who expect you to follow all norms of society but will ensure that they themselves break all of them. Those who have the advantage of accommodation provided by the company are comparatively better off than those who have to make their own arrangements. The options of change of allotted accommodation could be availed of but then, you may very well land from the frying pan into the fire.

The problems are perennial and are attributable to the inherent desire of man to be independent. When people began to venture out from their homes in search of employment in distant places, they longed for a home away from home. Some were happy with the Paying Guest accommodation they managed; others entered into local matrimonial alliances to solve the problem. As they say, to get something, you have to sacrifice something. That is what happened, to be independent and lead your own life you ultimately became dependant on the system itself where the roof above your head was always in doubt. There was a time when rented accommodation would be available only to a family man – that was a reason why freshers would get married in the first instance. With a wife in tow, the accommodation problem would go. However, the fear of eviction remained. If your landlord felt you to be, in his opinion, a nuisance, he would make your life miserable. Your nuisance value could very well be the rent you shell out. When the landlord feels he is not getting his worth, he will cut off your light or put on hold your water supply or resort to various other tactics to compel you to look elsewhere.

Therefore, the safest bet is to go in for ownership basis accommodation – in large metros, the costs are prohibitive. But, in spite of that, the existing advantages of claiming relief from Income Tax based on the loan repayment amounts have influenced decisions to go in for such accommodation. Only, if you desire to be near to your place of work, you have to pay through your nose. Hence you move out to the suburbs and make do with everything in their abridged editions – the sofa set doubles up as a bed at night, the dining table folds into the wall to make way for the kids to play, two tier beds ensure that the floor space in the kids bedroom is utilized to the maximum extent possible. The only problem is when near and dear ones drop in. With every square inch accounted for, entertaining others overnight sends shivers down your spine. Your unwillingness in these matters sour relationships and, you have no other alternative but to grin and bear it.


  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger adeel said…

    Yeah! you are right its very difficult but very important thing. I wish that in future this problem is solved.
    Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

  • At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your blog is such a informative & helpful for the travelers. I appreciate your work, keep it up.
    Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta


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