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Saturday, December 24, 2005

what happened on the fifteenth

With 2005 coming to a close, everyone tries to summarize the important happenings of the year and prepare capsules. While some of them rely on the written word, others prefer the visuals. Important events, natural calamities, accidents normally take center stage. There is also identification of the most something-or-the-other person of the year – the fields chosen are usually the silver screen or the idiot box or sports or politics. Out of those who remain in the limelight throughout the year, a chosen few are honored for their contributions towards whatever be the cause. In earlier days, one had to send the vote via post – the form would appear in popular magazines and one had to tick mark the recipient of his or her vote. Today is it is all SMS oriented – options are given as A or B or C or D – you have to type the alphabet and send the vote. On the face of it, Technology has made life so simple. But, all of us know that it is not really that simple.

Anyway, I have done a slightly different exercise to sum up the events of 2005. I have taken the 15th day of every month and scoured the archives of 3 leading internet sites -

TOI, Mumbai -
The Daily Telegraph, Kolkata -
The Deccan Herald, Bangalore -

for interesting news taken at random and related to the specific areas – namely, the Financial capital, the Cultural capital and the Intellectual capital respectively. There will be two news items per day – due to lengthy material, some news will show only the first few paragraphs. The text is not edited for grammar or spellings. In order to maintain uniformity, I have used a common font. The results will appear as posts in this blog from the 25th December onwards and will cover two months per day.

I hope you like the offerings. Happy reading.

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