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Friday, December 09, 2005

the triple century

I have now added the 300th post to my blog ‘Rediscovering India’ on

When I posted the first piece in August 2004, I never dreamt that this blog of mine would become so popular over a period of time. It gives me great pleasure to put on record the fact that the cumulative viewership of these 300 posts is approaching the 85,000 mark – it has attracted viewers from all parts of the globe, as it rightly should, and they have left their comments on what they have liked about the individual posts and what they have not. I have accepted their comments in all humility. Ours is a free country and blogging is an activity where no holds are barred. A slot in cyberspace is allotted to you, courtesy the owner of the blogsite – you are at liberty to decorate it in whichever fashion you please. That is what I have done over the last sixteen months – I have blogged on innumerable subjects starting from cricket to movies to festivals to politics. When I reached the milestone of 250 posts, I felt happy. But, I could not stop because I have a lot more to say, there are so many topics that need to be highlighted. Those who roam cyberspace looking for thrills are all young men and women with visions of a new world, a new culture, a new social order in front of them. They are the products of today; they are facing life in the raw and at times feel defeated and let down by society. I cannot change all that overnight but I can certainly make an attempt. At least, I can bring a realization in the minds of those who interact on the web that all is not lost.

I am grateful to all those who have visited the site and gone through the posts. I am also grateful to for showcasing a few selected pieces on the home page of the Times of India. The 12 most viewed spots are as follows –

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Durga Puja 2005 is here –

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