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Friday, December 09, 2005

trading in human organs

Yesterday, one of the TV channels revealed a shocking piece of news that in Bangalore, graveyards are dug up and the contents of the coffins are disposed off in most unthinkable manners. It seems, after the expose, the police swung into action and began the clean up operation. The reporter who covered the incident and was instrumental in revealing the dark secrets deserve praise.

Trading in human organs is not any thing that is unheard of in our country. Once upon it was simple blood – young children would be waylaid in villages and drugged after which their blood would be removed through syringes. Then came advances in medical field and transplant of organs became popular – we have more than one of some organs, the additional one is supposed to be a stand-by. Disposing one of these in exchange of monetary considerations became a business of sorts with touts lying in wait in the corridors of large hospitals where such operations are performed. There were reports that hospital authorities are also involved in the dealings. The documents would indicate that the donation was voluntary – money would change hands under the counter.

Emboldened by the success of these joint ventures, the more enterprising ones embarked on forcible removal of one of the organs without disclosing the fact to the victim – cases of this nature have been reported from villages, when the poor illiterates complain of stomach and reports to the hospitals for treatments, the gangs swing into action. The victim is compelled to be hospitalized and the organs removed. He does not even know what happens unless complications set in. In all probability, there are quite a few undetected cases of persons who live minus one of their hidden organs ignorant of the fact that he has not got any compensation for the loss.


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