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Sunday, December 18, 2005

sunday botherations

Yesterday was a Sunday that was an exasperating one – there was no Internet connection available throughout the day. Whenever I tried to connect, I landed up with an error message number 718 that said ‘remote server not responding’. Sundays are usually occupied in logging on to various websites to see how things are shaping up around us and where the world is headed. It is also the time to see what others have to say and make notes of people’s likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, the past Sunday was a disappointment. The worst part is that there was no one to attend to the help line phone.

From time immemorial, Sunday is taken as a day of rest and relaxation. As a famous song goes – ‘never on a Sunday ’cause that’s my day of rest …. ’

Simultaneously, there is a seconds song that says – ‘meri jaan, meri jaan, Sunday ko Sunday ana …..’ This day is armarked for attending to personal and domestic needs. Before the advent of television, families used to keep the Sunday reserved to meet friends and relatives or proceed for an evening’s outing in the cinema to take in the latest blockbuster – after the film, there used to be invariable visits to nearby eating joints for some goodies to tickle the taste buds. With the fall in revenue from cinema halls, an unseen strategic alliance seems to have been forged between the owners of cinema halls and the TV channels – the TV programs on Sundays are of films that have been televised umpteen number of times or of bygone award ceremonies. Automatically, people flock to multiplexes for the latest.

In many organizations, the staff works extra time on Sundays to meet schedules that have are likely to be missed. The work environments on these occasions are less formal, the Boss smiles, jokes, and listens to his people – one gets to see the other personality of the Boss. As a result, more work gets done. The direct workers earn extra money as incentive for such work. For the others it is - meeting the target.


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