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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

seller is the king

Banners are hoisted in large shops declaring ‘sale’ – they would mostly be stock clearance sales just prior to the start of festival seasons. With the fast changing fashions, old products do not find ready customers, therefore, these sales – goods in this category are offered at certain discounted rates. The arrangement pleases both the seller and the customer. Then there is the ‘sale’ of factory seconds – especially for footwear. It is given to understand that the goods have defects that are practically invisible to the naked eye but have been rejected all the same by the quality control department. These are again available at discounted rates.

But, the ‘sale’ that takes the cake is that of temporary outlets which are continuously on the move. Here one day, gone the next, like the migratory birds. It’s a seller’s market and the seller is the King.

Most of us must have noticed these mushroom outlets that offer clothes at exorbitantly low rates – at literally throwaway prices. The banners proclaim the stocks to be those meant for export but rejected due to long storage in the shipping yards during the floods when ships were not moving. These outlets are temporary ones and usually located in or near important places in the cities where eyeballs are never at a premium like cinema halls or hotels near to railway stations or bus terminuses. The crowds that throng to these venues comprise the young and the old – they come to get bargains and are seldom disappointed. Till recently, they used to advertise in the electronic media – indicating their schedule of movements from one city to another. These are not visible nowadays. A point to note is that if these consignments were really meant for export markets, they would have been covered by insurance and the parties must have collected the money from the insurance companies. These products must, therefore, belong to the insurance companies – how then can they be sold in the open market once again, who are the masterminds behind such business?


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