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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the perfect ten

The term ‘perfect ten’ is something we have come to know after watching gymnasts and divers perform in national and international events. When they perform, the judges award points – the average of the totals determine the winners. If you have observed, the difference is in decimals – while one may have earned 9.9, another may be on 9.8 and there may be a tie on 9.75! Only the best of the best manage to capture the perfect ten.

Here are ten pointers of how to attain perfection in one’s life –

One – invariably show off your knowledge: whatever be the subject, have your say. That spreads the message that you are a dark horse, not to be tampered with.
Two – always present a smiling face, it keeps the clouds at bay and crowds love a person who appears to be happy.
Three – even if others do not want a helping hand, extend it – it creates an impression that you mean well, your intentions are noble
Four – keep a list of telephone numbers regardless of whether they are useful or not; when someone urgently needs a number you can always search through it to see if the desired number happens to be there with you. That again lets others realize how you value their friendship.
Five – never carry loose change or currency notes. The coins weigh you down and currency notes are messy. In the days of plastic money, ATM is the solution. Flaunt your cards – which again helps build up your personality.
Six – carry a bunch of newspapers. They could be of the previous day or even the previous month. The date does not matter; it is the bundle that counts. Once again, those who see you are impressed.
Seven – when on a long journey and in the company of strangers, ensure that your mobile phone keeps ringing at regular intervals. That allows you to carry on one-sided conversations with imaginary characters. Your fellow travelers will continue sipping their tea and munch stale snacks as they lap up your stories.
Eight – keep a jotting pad and pencil handy when attending any meeting that bores one to death – drawing squiggles is a wonderful pastime in these circumstances. If the person sitting next to you shares your views, both of you can join forces and play cross and naught. It relieves a lot of tension.
Nine – never say ‘yes’ to anything straightaway – the power to remain non-committal is an indication of the perfect man. The reason is obvious – you cannot easily change ‘yes’ to ‘no’ but others will love you when you change ‘no’ to ‘yes’.
Ten – look for troublemakers around you; beware of those who have mastered the previous nine pointers. They can give you a fight for your money.


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