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Sunday, December 11, 2005

pay to get noticed in parliament

Wonders will never cease – first there were the Tehelka tapes, then the matter of open acceptance of bribes by law enforcement agencies in Tihar jail, now it is a case of ‘pay money, get noticed in Parliament’. The list includes non-matric alongside a law graduate! It is outrageous. How nice it would have been if these corrupt ones committed hara-kiri at the feet of God to avoid the shame that is heaped upon them by the masses. We are regularly treated to revelations via hidden cameras of money changing hands to grant favors and other similar facts, we know for sure who the corrupt ones are but they do not realize that we know. It is a pity.

Every second car on the Indian road today is of Japanese descent. Starting in a small way, it has gradually captured the hearts of millions of Indians and has dislodged many players from their positions of strength. This has been made possible because of the standards of quality maintained by the Japanese industries. The Quality circles and Zero inventory are a couple of pointers of how to generate and maintain goodwill among its customers. To ensure success of the JIT (just-in-time) concept, it is necessary to have an infrastructure that does not betray the trust manufacturers pose in them. They have ensured it. The Japanese have extended these basic concepts to each and every field – if their trains run late, the commuter gets a refund of the fare. Things work like clockwork precision in the country that has risen from the rubbles to command the respect of the whole world. That is why most of our homes are flooded with television, handycams and mobile phone handsets that are made in Japan.

We Indians are extremely fond of getting inspiration from external sources – the kimono took the fancy of the filmmaker way back in the sixties when the film Love in Tokyo (1966 Joy Mukherji, Asha Parekh starrer) was released. Ikebana or flower arrangement takes pride of place in many households – classes are held to train interested in the subject. Similarly, karaoke has been introduced and it helps the commoner to sing along with the group using the proper and correct words.

Like true Indians we have embraced plenty of what is Japanese but conveniently ignored one of the most important one – namely, hara-kiri.

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