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Thursday, December 08, 2005

oil is messy

The papers nowadays are full of information related to oils. When oil tankers are lost in the sea, the resultant oil spills cause destruction of precious marine life. Life without oil is unimaginable – oil is the item that decides who is supreme and who is not. The price of petrol, a refined form of crude oil, controls the destinies of large countries. Immediately the international rate rises, the effect is felt in our kitchens – the cascading effect encompasses each and every item and price increases are announced. Whichever party or combination is in power at the center, they have to bow to the dictates of the markets. Way back in the seventies, a scooter would run on three liters of petrol at a total cost of around twenty rupees – today, one liter itself cost around fifty rupees. The LPG cylinder that could be had for twenty odd rupees is today three hundred rupees!

There are basically two types of oil – the mineral oil and the vegetable oil. Mineral oil is used as fuel and as a lubricant. Machines do not run to full efficiency without oil, right from the wristwatches of yore that had the gear and pinion system to large transport aero planes that can carry hundreds of passengers across thousands of kilometers. Oil is necessary to keep the moving parts properly lubricated. As its name implies, mineral oil is retrieved from deep down the earth – Nature has large stocks and the countries that possess oil wells obviously have certain advantages. Oil deposits have been discovered in deserts and seabeds.

Coming to the second variety - a head of lush hair that flows down to the waist can come only with regular conditioning by coconut oil. Hilsa fish will never taste the way it should unless you fry it in mustard oil. While on the subject of oil, some of the oils are not recommended for heart patients because they contain soluble cholesterol – to cater to their oily needs, cholesterol free oils have made their appearance on the shelves, like sugar free drops for the diabetic. Olive oil is recommended for babies, gradually massaging this into its arms and legs give is added strength. Cod liver oil has medicinal properties. In conclusion let us remember that a well-oiled administration delivers what you want, deficiency of this vital product can make you life messy, it can make you run from pillar to post.


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