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Thursday, December 01, 2005

multi role all weather fighters

Air Forces the world over want aero planes that can serve any number of requirements – they should be armed to the teeth not only to save themselves but be capable of carrying bombs, missiles and other external stores to paralyze the enemy lines. Additionally, they should be able to take off and land in any climatic condition – whether there is a snowstorm or a cyclone or an andhi brewing, the pilot has to engage full throttle and take off on his mission. The helicopters were created for taking off and landing vertically so that they did not need large airstrips. In advanced countries, they operate from rooftops. This concept of vertical takeoff and landing has been implemented in the fighter planes and the outcome is the VTOL aircraft.

In our day-to-day lives, we meet these multi role all weather fighters in flesh and blood. Starting from the boy who delivers the morning papers on our doorsteps to the one who leaves the pouch of milk, the list embraces all those persons who are indispensable to our lives and without who our existence will be full of misery. They forego their sleep so that we can enjoy ours. They come over to do our dishes and take our children to school, but they have never learnt the difference between A and Z. They are there to extend support to us in whatever role we define for them. We take them for granted and strive to get the best possible bargain – we may fall sick but they are not supposed to even complain of aches of any type whatsoever, they have to tolerate abuses, they have to learn the art of service with a smile. Yes, they are fighters; they fight for survival every inch of the way. And they handle multiple tasks right from childcare to marketing to cooking – hence are multi role members of the family.

Normally those who reside in large cities shy away from recruiting locals who pose problems. To meet their needs, they procure innocent children from far off villages. They lure them away from their roots with promises of two square meals and better living standards in the cities. Once they come into their clutches, they are exploited to the hilt. Cases of physical torture against these poor kids are reported regularly in the media. The hue and cry dies down in due course of time and the game continues.

It is high time that one day in the year be earmarked to focus attention on these multi role all weather fighters.


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