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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

misplaced priorities

Two news items that appeared in the TOI must have set people thinking - where are we headed for? A cow auctioned for Rs 12.51 lakhs in Gandhinagar and an enraged bull shot down in New Delhi. The latter news is in the archives -

We have heard of the bull in the china shop and of bullfights, we also know for certain that bulls roam freely on the roads in Beneras, Kolkata and practically all the cities causing obstruction to the smooth flow of traffic. They remain as witness to our misplaced priorities.

Every year we see hundreds of ill fed, under nourished cows roaming the countryside searching for little tufts of grass – those who herd them from place to place look like people from the villages of the Gujarat-Rajasthan belt. Why can our leaders not spare a thought for these dumb animals instead of spending money collected in the name of promoting ideology on meaningless jatras? One of the main political parties exhorted Chief Ministers of the states where they are in power to abolish cow slaughter – fine, so long as they hold the chair. When they are dethroned, the state may revert to the old style of functioning. Why then look for short-term populist measures? If a feeling does exist that the cow is a sacred animal and deserves to be treated with respect, let them be fed and looked after instead of allowing them to roam the streets and gulp plastic bags that lead to deaths. Organizations that deal in matters related to the welfare of animals and other activists should pursue such topics that help the society in the long run. Yes, the cow is sacred to us; there is a need for us to reciprocate for what she gives us. Lip service is not enough.


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