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Saturday, December 17, 2005

latest trend in crimes

Today, anyone can contact anyone else via the Internet in a matter of nano-seconds. The bomb hoax in the Parliament on Friday the 16th is a pointer. The message, transmitted thro e-mail, put the complete country in turmoil. The authorities are trying to zero in on the area from where this might have originated.

Then there is the case of an online chase by the cyber police cell over a period of two years to nab a culprit who was engaged in espionage activities for countries across our borders.

On the heels of this exposé comes the news that a group of four youngsters were into duplicating credit cards and siphoning off other’s monies. One of them was scheduled to join an American software company shortly; another was a student of Engineering and the third was also a software engineer. It is shocking to learn that youngsters who are conversant with this new medium of communication are using it to feather their own nests. The above quoted news items that have appeared in the media tend to lend credence to this belief.

Added to these is the heinous crime of the murder of a woman employee of a reputed BPO company of Bangalore.

As it is, women are vulnerable and when they work in night shifts it is for the employers to ensure their safety. Normally, women are not supposed to work in the night. The software industry has changed that concept and no adverse incidents have been reported till now. But, this grotesque incident is an eye opener. Concerned authorities must introduce suitable foolproof measures whereby these are not repeated.


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