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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

killer instincts

In our world, killers are probably the men who guard our borders or who take care of the law and order – to them killing is a task to be performed. There is nothing sentimental about the events. However, one thing that needs to be ensured is that this special group of people look the role they have to play. The reason for bringing up this topic is the recent announcement of the new CM of Bihar. He has issued certain directives to the police. The intention is to enable them to present a look that is more in keeping with their status in society. If properly implemented, the CM would have paved the way for more such tiny moves that can boost his own popularity. As it stands today, policemen are depicted as pot bellied samples of humans who are always the butt of jokes. They amble leisurely when running is necessary. They toil around on bicycles – these are their means of transport. For weapons, they carry stout sticks that are used for offense or defense depending on circumstances. Smartness is not in their book of ethics. The poor souls cannot be blamed – they have to toe the line drawn by those who wield political clout, who brandish the latest firearms, who whiz past in air-conditioned cars, who carry mobile phones in their palms. Under the circumstances, it is not correct to expect them to lay claim to possessing killer instincts.

When we see the smart police of Los Angeles or London, we also see the equipment they have in order to checkmate the moves of the crooks. Each of their actions indicates that they are tuned to a certain frequency. They know what drill to follow in which circumstance. They obey the orders of their Chiefs, not of political goons. Obviously, killer instincts can come only when one is armed better than the opponent. What exactly is this killer instinct? To a layman who has never seen killers, it is presumed to be a one-track mind that has its eyes fixed on snuffing out a life. A comparison can be drawn with ferocious animals like the tiger or the lion that select the prey and stalk it silently to its death. The prey can very well be a large one like a buffalo but the killer has its methods.

Our cricket team has been branded as one that lacks killer instincts. That is why we keep stumbling continuously at the winning post and end season after season as a dejected lot. Hopefully, with the present youngsters delivering the goods, we are on the way to acquiring the killer instincts.


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