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Thursday, December 01, 2005

get well soon big b

Superstar Amitabh Bachhan lies in the Lilavati Hospital of Mumbai.

Each and every Indian is praying that he recovers soon and returns to his seat on KBC and share his innumerable anecdotes with us, his fans. He is, without doubt a superstar, a phenomenon. Even though he has crossed the milestone of sixty, he still bubbles with energy and is involved in any number of ads. He does not hesitate to accept challenging roles in movies. No other actor has held his audiences spellbound with his portrayal of typical characters whether they be of the young police officer of Zanjeer who has forgotten how to laugh or the aged elder brother of Hum who shivers at the thought of picking up a fight or the head of the family of seven brothers in Satte pe satta where he moans and groans with imaginary injuries to win over the heart of Hema. He has played each and every role to perfection in his own special way and has invariably left his mark. From an angry young man of the seventies, he has shifted now to serious adult roles where maturity is a criterion.

While wishing him a speedy recovery, allow me to put forth this small piece of writing that contains the names of 37 of his films -

Anand Sarkar, Bhuban Shome, Don aur Mr. Natwarlal kay saath hum niklay thay saat hindustani ko Bombay to Goa lay jaaney ke liye. Bombay say ayah mera dost aur Mili, Bunti aur Babli nay bolah ‘hum kisise sey kam nehi’. Khakee dress pehne huye ek black ajnabee nay dost ban kar unka akhri raasta may deewar ka kaala pathhar ko agneepath may badal diya. Major Saab ney aankhe dikhayee aur aaj ka arjun Lal Badshah nay chupke chupke ek sharabi coolie ko trishul maar key khoon pasina baha di. Phir zanjeer tod key saudagar nay ‘main azad hoon’ chillakey bhaga piya ke ghar. Bechara bawarchi ko garam masala kay badle mila ek pyar ki kahani.


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