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Friday, December 23, 2005

geetmala and toothaches

Binaca toothpaste, which later became Cibaca, has vanished from the market. In order to woo the kids, each pack had gifts – the kids would collect them and exchange the extra ones with their classmates. When the radio was the only means of domestic entertainment, there was a program of film songs sponsored by Binaca. Called the Binaca Geetmala, it was compered by the one and only Ameen Sayani. The style of his presentation was unique, like his melodious voice that brings back sweet memories. The last Wednesday of the year was reserved for the selected hit songs of that year and listeners would sit glued to the radio for the one-hour capsule, captivated by the voice.

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The teeth are an important part of our body. Unless taken care of, they can make your life miserable. A toothache can literally rob you of your well-earned and well-deserved sleep. When the hidden warriors suddenly descend in the darkness to snatch their milligram of the goodies that still nestle in the crevices of your teeth, you groan and moan and toss about in bed. You wait for daybreak to run to the dentist. The dentist, bless him, prescribes painkillers and advises yet again to brush the teeth before you retire for the night. You hear him out and, in no time, forget him and his advice until the killer pain returns.

A set of pearly white teeth is something to cherish forever, it paves the way for appearances in beauty pageants. It is one of the stepping-stones to a life of the good things, a sort of passport to display your remaining assets to the world at large. This is one of the reasons why there are so many brands of products related to the teeth in the market. Each of them vies for attention. It is not known whether a set of gleaming white teeth can replace the flash bulb for the photographer, some feel they do. Then there are the mothers who chant the mantra of bhoot-police while busy in their daily chores – they expect this new police force to take care of the teething problems of their kids.

Gone are the days when the twig of a neem branch did a wonderful job – even today, these are sold and people use them. I have seen them on the railway platforms of Lucknow. The neem plant has medicinal values. The tip is first chewed leisurely to extract the juice and then the twig is used to rub the teeth to give them the shine. This type of natural toothbrush-cum-toothpaste led to the Neem toothpaste - but it is no longer available in the market. Like Binaca, Cibaca, Kolynos and a whole host of others they have become history.


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