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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

accommodation problems

The CM of Bihar is an unhappy person, he is unable to move into his rightful residence that is equipped with the infrastructure necessary to control the activities of a state as large and as complicated as Bihar. Actually, he has only himself to blame – if he had not dislodged the man with the lantern, he would not have faced these irritating problems.

The earlier occupant is unwilling to move out. He cannot be blamed – with every passing day, it is becoming more and more difficult to get an accommodation that is tailor made to suit your needs – schools, hospitals, markets, bus stops etcetera should be within reasonable distance. And – if you are the proud owner of a whole lot of animals, you must naturally have space to relocate them. You cannot expect them to stay under the open sky vulnerable to the ravages of nature. Even if you do manage to secure an accommodation, you have to consider yourself lucky if you can hold on to it indefinitely. This is a reason why people nowadays are encouraged to go in for ownership houses – it is beneficial to all in the long run. Loans are available off-the-shelf apart from the added incentive of relief in income tax for those who come in the IT bracket. IT, in this context, is supposed to mean Income Tax and not Information Technology. Those excluded from the IT bracket enjoy separate privileges that are maintained as closely guarded secrets.

In two corners of the country, the authorities based on the rulings of the honorable Courts have taken up demolishing of several existing residential structures. One is in Ulhasnagar in Maharastra and the other is right in New Delhi, the capital. This is creating accommodation problems for residents who suddenly discover that there is no roof above their heads. It seems innumerable illegal constructions have been reported from these areas. The sad part is that these did not sprout overnight like seeds – these had the blessings of those who sanction such add-ons. In New Delhi alone there are more than 18,000 such constructions. Those who are entrusted with this work are straddled with non-availability of the necessary equipment. The work is progressing at snail’s pace – it is evident that there is reluctance to follow the directives of the honorable Courts.

We had seen in the Natgeo channel about the method employed in demolishing buildings in congested areas – detonators are wired all over the structure to be demolished and, at the press of a button, the complete building is reduced to rubbles. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way.


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