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Monday, November 28, 2005

the ones that got away

The media loves to involve the public in various exercises that have no rhyme or reason, that appear to be outputs of infertile brains – the replies via SMS has become a new tool which has been discovered to reap fairly good dividends. The worst part is that burning issues are shoved under the carpet so that the concerned parties heave a sigh of relief and turn their attention to newer topics that, in due course of time, will vanish from the memory of the public.

The case of Sarabjeet, is one such – lots of assurances were given, prayers were made for the safe return of the person, the top leaders on both sides of the fence assured everyone that the final outcome will be a happy one. Nothing further has been heard.

Then the case of an Indian Air force woman officer who was under court martial – she had waged a lone war against the administration. It would be interesting to know her present fate.

Or the case of the young man of Patna who was selling fake degree certificates from his counter – the number of graduates who are gainfully employed based on these documents is not known. Neither do we know anything about the person. Of course, a recently appointed Minister of Bihar had to relinquish his post within twenty-four hours due to his suspected links with this scandal. The new Chief Minister wants a clean administration that can inject new concepts in a setup that has lost its sense of direction. It is strange that the he was ignorant of this fact while allotting him a ministerial berth!

Oh – then there was the gutkha baron who was a prominent sponsor of Bollywood award nights. He also was reportedly involved in shady dealings – it would be interesting to find out his present status.


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