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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

naughty at forty

Those who have played Tamboola or Housey are aware that when the number 40 is declared, it is accompanied by an appropriate set of words that rhyme wonderfully – ‘men get naughty at four zero forty.’ This is what strikes one when one notices that the media has gone ga-ga over an actor who has crossed this magical boundary. The channels keep churning out his movies and, the obvious happens – viewers curse and change channels because what you see on one channel surfaces in another in a different time slot. And, then, there are the interviews repeated over and over again shifting all other news to the background. We have become a nation of people who can be fed practically anything. We have lost the power to protest; therefore, anything can be forced down our throats.

Actors are basically those individuals who can make you cry and laugh simultaneously, they have mastered the arts of concealing their true feelings and emotions and the audience perceives only the tip of the iceberg. Over the years, there have been any number of actors who have crossed the threshold of forty – why then this sudden surge of excitement over a particular individual? Is this the beginning of a new culture – to rake up old memories to ensure that ones popularity does not dive? Efforts are on to remake old super duper hits with new faces – those who plan to embark on such missions must have studied the markets and are confident that the projects will not fail.

This brings us back to the familiar saying – old is gold. Even in this age of remixes, old lyrics are blended with new gen music and presented with scantily clad maidens. In the TV programs designed to identify new talents, invariably the olden day tunes and lyrics rule the day and win hands down. All these lead us to the sad conclusion that we have lost our sense of direction; we have lost the art of creation. No, I will not say that we copy – that is too harsh word. Let us say, we are inspired by them

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