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Sunday, November 06, 2005

jammy jam sessions

Jam sessions used to be a popular means of spending time in our college days. During long stretches of idleness, when the concerned Professor did not turn up due to whatever reasons or did turn up but was summoned by the Principal for a tiny dose of some energy imparting tonic, we the students would crowd into the college canteen and have those Jam sessions. There was nothing really atrocious or outstanding in those sessions – Jam was an acronym for ‘Just a Minute’. Its modern version is in the AXN channel with its ‘win fame in sixty seconds’!! Nothing has changed much in all these years – what was one minute then is, today, sixty seconds. Isn’t it wonderful?

The Jammy of our piece is, as many of you must have guessed, our present captain. His nickname is, we are told, Jammy and, when he came on the scene, there was an ad in which he was shown sporting a pony tail with the punch line – ‘naya hai, ab style marega.’ Well, he has traveled a long way and, with the spectacular show of the talents that we possess, he has dealt a severe blow to the Sri Lankans. With the series already ours, the question that is on everyone’s lips is - ‘will it be a white wash?’The word Jam has now been given a new meaning – ‘Just a Match.’ Yes, in ODI, it is all about the game on a particular day, how the chips are stacked against us, what surprises we can spring on our opponents, how best we can balance our resources. As someone has rightly said, all games today are mind games. Whether it is tennis of chess or football, he who keeps his nerves emerges victorious. That is why the dedicated ones shine bright while those who bicker and crib discover that, one fine day, they have been discarded. The message is clear and unambiguous – deliver or perish.


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