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Thursday, November 24, 2005

holy smokes

Smoke is associated with fire. Therefore, the term ‘holy smokes’ is surprising. Fire burns and it is common knowledge that there is no smoke without fire. A smoking gun means someone somewhere has breathed his last. Inhaling a lungful of smoke means you are shortening your life span. Probably, the adjective ‘holy’ has been assigned to ‘smoke’ because the red Indians used to send smoke signals to pass messages over long distances before the railroad came into existence. Smoking the peace pipe by the red Indians and the whites could be another reason for attaching ‘holy’ to smokes. The comic character of Phantom, the ghost who walks, was created by Lee Falk – Phantom received his important messages via this medium. And then there are the smokes that emanate from joss sticks and have a soothing effect on the nerves; not to forget smoke from yagnas, to appease the Gods. The dish that goes by the name of smoking salmon is a favorite and when the law stretches its arms to smoke out the culprits from their hiding place, the smoke detector does not help the cause of the culprits. Of course, smoke screens are, as we all know, used in wartime to move forward troops under cover of smoke created specially for the purpose of deception.

To cap it all, the unholy alliance of smoke and fog gives rise to a phenomenon called smog that throws the meticulously drawn up travel schedules haywire – trains do no run on time, flights are delayed or diverted and cars crawl on the highways.

As usual, search on the net revealed interesting websites as follows:

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Movie ‘Smoke Signals’ in 1998 -

The ‘Holy smoke’ website -


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