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Monday, November 21, 2005

foreign direct investments

The South Africans are locked in a 1-1 situation: what will the final tally be like? Jodi No. 1, as one of the TV channels has identified the winning combination of CD (Chappell-Dravid to the uninitiated!) has experimented left right and center. We are now told that, instead of eleven players, we have twenty-two to choose from. Keep the opponents guessing is the latest buzzword. The way the lions were mauled by the tigers is something that will be discussed time and again till a newer topic emerges – like new all-rounders. But then, if we have a whole lot of all-rounders, how do we assign priorities? Will we resort to the toss of the coin every time a wicket goes down? As it is, we have concentrated on developing fast bowlers and have neglected to locate a partner for Bhajji – that is what the news clip showed last night. Chappell has requisitioned the services of a local youngster to bowl at the nets. He has identified the Achilles heel – our once-upon-a-time fabled spin department is down in the dumps, it needs a shot in the arm. We have identified fast bowlers; now let us look around for variety in spin.

While on the subject of foreign investments in the field of cricket, it would be worthwhile to explore similar possibilities in football and hockey. Both these games have been consigned to the back burners and, what is probably needed to revive interest is a different approach, a new outlook. We have been inducting foreigners in football teams as players on a regular basis for quite some time – why not go for coaches as well? We have accepted the concept of FDIs in various aspects of our lives starting from eatables to insurance. We queue up to send our children to study in far off Australia, New Zealand and Canada; we celebrate our festivals with products from China’s small-scale industries. We are gradually shedding inhibitions and embracing all that is good from whichever corner of the world they may emanate. We want to prove to the world a point or two. Hence it would be in the fitness of things to send out probes for foreign coaches in hockey and football.


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