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Monday, November 28, 2005

fingers are forever

Fingers and cricket are inseparable – the final decision on the field is given by the raised finger of the umpire, the ball is made to behave in astonishing ways by the bowlers by virtue of play of fingers on its seam and, when tensions rise, the captains are known to take over the art of whittling the fingernails.

Sir Winston Churchill, by his ‘V’ for Victory sign, made public display of fingers famous. We threaten others with raised fingers and, when we try to impress an audience, we punch the air and stab unseen enemies by resorting to fingers once again. Another famous finger was Goldfinger, a character created by Ian Fleming. The exploits of James Bond with Goldfinger were made into wonderful movie in 1964 – it was the third James Bond movie after Dr. No and From Russia with Love starring Sean Connery as the super spy James Bond. . Talking about thumbs, there was a character called Tom Thumb – have the modern day children heard about this darling?

The thumb is an important finger where legal matters are concerned – people who cannot read or write have to append their thumb impression on documents because, the whirls and loops of the thumb are considered to be unique – no two thumb impressions are the same.

The thumbs-up sign originated in the Air Force – it is the signal given by the groundsmen to the pilot of a fighter aeroplane to signify that the stage is set for take off. The sign has now come to be associated with cold drinks. While on the subject of drinks, let us not forget the finger chips – they go beautifully with practically any drink, hard or hot.

In conclusion, we must remember that when you point a finger at someone, there are four more that point back at you.


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