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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the fast changing skylines

Where there is a will, there is a way – the dynamic Chief Minister of West Bengal is proving it repeatedly. He has the Kolkattans practically eating out of his hands, irrespective of party affiliations. The reason is that he wants to change the concept that West Bengal has nothing to offer except politically mature masses that love poetry, wait for sandwiching holidays and hate to do any type of hard work where physical exertion is involved. With the setting up of IT base in Kolkata and open invitations to anyone opting to invest in this state, it is but natural that Sri Buddhadev Bhattacharji is growing in stature by leaps and bounds.

The latest proposal to change the skyline of Kolkata is the concept of a waterway linking the city from North to South – the Maratha Ditch canal that goes from Chitpur via Ultodanga to Kulti crossing Rajarhat is expected to be thrown open to the public in January. This path of this body of water is being widened and the depth is also being increased to accommodate the motorized launches. Illegal hutments on the banks are being removed and beautification has been taken up on priority. Once operational, people can use it to reach Howrah station and traffic jams will not pose any problem. The motorized launches will be capable of carrying 150 passengers and there will be ten jetties or stations: three main ones will be at Chitpur, Rajarhat and Kulti. Balance seven are planned at R G Kar, Ultodanga, Lake Town, Baishakhi, Krishnapur, Bhojer-hat (near Bantala Leather complex) and Bhangur. There will be shopping malls, hotels and restaurants at all the jetties.

A second new project reported is that of a novel eating place where you can see live fish in the aquarium, select the ones you want and they will be served to you on a platter – you have to grant its preparation time. This exotic place is situated in the Nalban area of Sector-V of Salt Lake: home to the IT people. It will be run by the State Fisheries Department.

‘Landing on the Mars’ is a presentation of the Energy Park located on the EM Bypass. Encouraged by its success with the simulated ‘Journey to the Sun’ in Auigust-2003, that has been appreciated by 50,000 plus persons, the new 18 minute simulation program is expected to be completed in December and thrown open to the public in January.


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