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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

crumbling empires

We were once famous for our predictions, we had complete control of the stars and other heavenly bodies, and astrology was our strength. Some of us even had the power to forecast evil happenings – the privilege of how best to circumvent it was reserved for those who had the ability to finance associated pujas to appease the evil entities and propiate the Gods. From a land of snake charmers and rope tricks, we graduated to take over control of cyberspace – our children have proved to the world at large that they are second to none when it comes to intellect. To us, New York and Seattle are like our very own roads next block. Thanks to the brilliant communication networks, we can converse with each other thousands of kilometers away; we can exchange good nights before turning in and wake up with a ‘hello son’ next morning.

But, in such enchanting scenarios, empires still keep on crumbling.

First there was Sourav, the loss of his empire may not have been his own fault, and might have been a result of circumstances over which he had no control. But, the fact remains – he had to step down. Then it was the Laloo empire in Bihar – he, it is understood, is discovering the hard way how to handle and control a bunch of cattle once you are left out in the cold. There after it was this trouble brewing between the Thackrey brothers that came out in the open much to the embarrassment of the supremo Balasaheb. Close on its heels came the ouster of Jagmohan – he was toppled by the strong man of Maharastra who wields enough power to topple political empires. The latest in this line is Uma-ji – it is common knowledge that she loves to defy those in authority. She is now bent upon proving a point or two.

The basic reason for empires to come crumbling down is over confidence. Then there is the attitude of arrogance – in layman’s language it is called ‘dadagiri’. We have seen a combination of these two bring about the downfall of many. When signs of a revolt are noticed, immediate action is warranted – if you pretend that everything is hunky-dory, you are playing into the hands of your opponents. It is easier to manipulate a known enemy than to repose trust in an unknown friend.


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