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Saturday, November 26, 2005

age is no constraint

Vijaypat Singhania, 67, has shown to the world what old men are capable of – he flew in a hot air balloon from Mumbai to Nasik, a distance of nearly 200 kilometers. He is active even now and has not allowed age to overpower him. It is proved once again that you are as old as you feel! Read the full story -

Old is gold, old is beautiful. In keeping with modern traditions, we package and market old wine in new bottles – it is the appearance that matters. Even though it is said that appearances are deceptive, we fall for them lock stock and barrel. It is true in all walks of life – the boss who has such a charming smile will never hesitate to strike the knife into you from the back, if it suits him. The sweet kid next door can be a terror if left with you for a whole day. The young woman who you meet every day while crossing the road, who you dream of in your spare time may, in all probability, turn out to be a married one who does not believe in exhibiting signs of being married.

An impression exists that bloggers are basically young persons who want to get something off their heads or want to prove a point or two. The blogging scene is overcrowded with teenagers and the youth who consider this to be a medium to let off steam. A report in one of the blog sites indicate that 20% of teenagers are addicted to blogs and, it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that 3% of bloggers are seniors over sixty years of age! These old-timers need to be encouraged to blog more frequently because they have loads of experiences that can be shared with those that do not possess them.

There is a website exclusive to the old timers – Here, there are links to at least nine persons who are over sixty -

My Mom's Blog – Mildred Garfield, born 1925
me and the cat – Lorraine, born 1930
Light Sweet Crud – Rey Barry, born 1937
TimeGoesBy – Ronni Bennett, born 1941
kdip's – K, born 1941
tanlucypez – Tan Lucy Pez, born 1941
long-toothed hinterland dweller – Jude, born 1943
organized chaos – Sharron, born 1944
Blogging in Paris – Claude, born 1944


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