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Monday, October 17, 2005

the wonderland of blogs

To reach a milestone of 250 posts on a single blog is a result of the encouragement one gets through visitors to the blog. In this case (‘Rediscovering India’ on the number of visitors is approximately 65,000 as on date!! On this special occasion, I dedicate this post to the tired and weary family of Devi Durga. She has successfully destroyed all the evil asuras that were present as on the day of Dussera / Bijoya Dasami this year and, satisfied at the outcome, has returned to her familiar surroundings amidst the snow capped Himalaya Mountains. There she is in peace and solitude. It exists in abundance there and, also, on Mars and Moon and distant planets that have not yet been affected by globalization. Her family members have heaved a sigh of relief – they spent the weekend chitchatting and exchanging notes. There were so many new things to talk about, to get educated upon, and to add to the GK. The world around them is changing at a tremendously fast pace: it is becoming well nigh impossible to keep in step!

For example, the word ‘yahoo’ – it was the trade mark of Shammi Kapoor. He rolls down the hill yelling the lines ‘yahoo – chahey koi mujhe junglee kahey…..’ in the film Junglee. Today, ‘yahoo’ is an integral part of the internet; it offers fantastic search engines that can retrieve information in seconds. You define the search criteria and, like the great Aladdin of yore, the results are served to you on a platter. Wonder why no one thought of the name ‘Aladdin’ for a search engine.

‘Google’ is another rather confusing word – we are accustomed to words like ogle and goggle. While the former carries sinister meanings, the latter is used to hide those mischievous eyes so that they carry out their surveys on the sly. Google has no relevance to any of these – Google is one more search engine.

Another modern word is ‘blog’. We have heard of ‘bog’ and ‘log’, we also know of ‘slog’ (slog overs in cricket are those dying moments when wonders can and do happen, when seemingly innocent shots can turn the tide, when sudden spurts of inspiration can shake the bails off to the amazement of the fielder!) ‘Blog’ we are told has no connection to any of these. A ‘blog’ is an outlet for the creativeness in you. It is your own private slot in space leased out to you absolutely free of cost by websites to encourage you to let others view the world through your eyes. Grammar and spelling take the back seat - after all we know u means ‘you’, r is the short form of ‘are’, b4 is used in place of ‘before’, imho is an abbreviated form of ‘in my honest opinion’ and gr8 is ‘great’. And then there are terms like ‘lol’ (laughing out loud), ‘asap’ (as soon as possible), ‘btw’ (by the way), etc. The internet lingo has done away with superfluous matter and believes in abbreviated forms – unfortunately, in real life, it is not so simple to do away with superfluous stuff or resort to shortcuts.

The Blog will shortly be bestowed with respectability – it seems ‘yahoo’ is testing a new search tool that includes results from thousands of mainstream media outlets and, alongside, a separate results columns for Blogs!! News item ‘Can you tell Blogs from Real News?’ in the Times of India dated 12/10/2005. Add to these the plastic money in the form of credit cards and you have the world in your grasp.

It is an accepted fact of life that Evil can never be conquered; hence Devi Durga has to keep descending to the plains and come to our rescue every year. Probably, another 100 years down the line, she will find it more convenient to travel in a spaceship.

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