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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

unravelling the mysteries of the web

Viewers of the Natgeo channel are treated regularly to the mysteries of the oceans – the vast multitude of marine creatures that swim and dive and pounce and laze in the crevices of rocks hundreds of feet underwater have to be seen to be believed. And, in order to bring them to our notice, the Natgeo commissions teams to go to the depths of the oceans, scour the waters and come up with new, exotic finds. Apart from whales, sharks, octopuses and hundreds of thousands of varieties of fish, algae and plants, we can see the ruins of the Titanic and the sea gull swooping down and flying away with a fish held tightly in its claws. Even after putting in so much effort, there still remain mysteries of the Oceans that have literally not seen the light of day.
Unfortunately, the skies are not that easy to capture or probe. Whatever little has been revealed are due to the courtesy of space missions. Therefore, when we discuss the World Wide Web, we realize how difficult it is to find out reasons of why someone should take the alias of ‘Frankenstein’; or why a beautiful young lady prefers to be known to her net pals as ‘Mother Hubbard’; or why one who has the ability to run the marathon prefers to be known as ‘the cripple’ on the net. Agreed that the internet is a medium where predators crouch in every corner and wait to entice innocents to their doom. But - how careful can you be? That is why the response to queries are not readily forthcoming.

Just to experiment, I posed a simple question to members of one of the sites where I contribute my literary pieces. Being a Bengali, I wanted to find out how many Bengali members are there out of the 8000 odd members. Well, the count is miserably slow – no one wants to reveal any part of his identity! And, the final result does not need any calculating machine. But, in the bargain, quite a number of feathers got ruffled – a seemingly innocent exercise led some to believe that a handful of Tagore’s own people were intent on creating a mountain out of a mole hill.

Yes, the WWW needs a tag of ‘delicate - handle with care’. While cyber policing is a new concept and metros have introduced special police cells in strategic locations to track down those who indulge in cyber crimes, the most important weapon is awareness. Occasional write-ups in the print media are fine but a lot more needs to be done. We need visionaries like Christopher Columbus and Dr. Livingstone to emerge and help us unravel the mysteries of the WWW.

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