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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

links in the chain

The word LINK has the alphabet K embedded. This alphabet influences our lives to such an extent that we are completely at sea without it. KBC has it, KFC has it and now comes KGB – it also has it. What do they have in common you might very well ask? Well, for one, they all have the alphabet as an integral part of their identity. Very similar to the serials of a well known producer who is obsessed with it and believes that a liberal sprinkling of this alphabet in the titles adds to the TRP. KBC has surprises at every turn and takes one to extraordinary heights of imagination (of how to spend the two crores if ever it really comes). KFC is here today gone tomorrow because those who care for your physical and cultural health decide that enough is enough – why should you rush to taste chicken of other brands? You must delete it totally from your menu, if you are unable to do so, patronize the local market. KGB, of course, has stolen the limelight. When first the news surfaced that half a century ago it had its fingers in each and every Indian pie, it took everyone by surprise. Quick to seize any opportunity to establish foreign links with those in power, leaders rubbed their hands in glee. Here, at last, has come a weapon with which the ruling party can be cut down to size. The report made a mention that some present day leftists also were in the good books of the Soviets and obtained favors – that came as a dampener to those with left leanings. But, the game was far from over. The latest revelation came when one of the parties wanted a white paper to be published on the subject.

It seems that the Pandora’s Box has quite a number of skeletons. The more you dig, the more it will stink. Therefore, let sleeping dogs lie. What can’t be cured must be endured.

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