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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

kids are no kid stuff

After the release of the film Chocolate, it is rumored that there is a rush to register a whole host of similar names like Toffee, Biscuit, and Lollipop. Yes, kids are no kid stuff, they rule the day. The power that they wield was understood long ago by those who create those lovely ads that show the smart, beautiful kids up to innumerable pranks. Whether it is an ad for a brand of paint or detergent or washing powder or of pens and pencils or fast ready-made food or health drinks or toothpaste and dandruff removal preparations or even of contact lenses, they have captured the fancy of the young and old alike. There is hardly any ad that does not showcase the child. Starting with the ‘I love you Rasana’ to the ‘utterly butterly delicious’, the jilebi culture has graduated to the cutting-shutting one and kids are invariably those who influence the decisions of elders.

These kids have been discovered to be God’s own gift to those who have to always be ready with their bagful of tricks and diversionary tactics. Whenever a Politician senses a crisis looming up in the horizon, he taps the kids to bail him out! Sounds strange but recent events tend to lend credence to such a theory – kids are kidnapped, the parents cry their hearts out, the police swing into action, the class mates of the missing child perform rituals like a day’s token protest which mobilizes support from other children and they all send silent prayers to the kidnappers. The electronic media has a field day with on-the-spot coverage throughout as the events unfold minute by minute. Finally, the kidnapper has a change of heart and returns the kid unharmed and without bothering about the ransom that he had demanded. That is what co-operative ventures can achieve. They can melt the mountains!

In the world of today, kids are held in esteem by not only their parents (expectations are that the kids will grow up to be endowed with every conceivable good quality related to studies, sports and fine arts). That is the reason why they are made to feel important right from their crèche days and learn very early in life that they possess the power to demand for the moon and get it too!

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