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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

improved index of corruption

India continues to languish at the half-way point on the international index of corruption, even as corruption grew in rich countries as well as poorer ones, the world's most authoritative anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has said, just weeks before the recently ratified United Nations Convention against Corruption comes into force.

Therefore the directives of Sonia Gandhi have not come a day too soon. If implemented meticulously, India is sure to improve her standing in the World of the Corrupt!!

It is customary that pre Diwali cleaning of houses be carried out so that when the golden moment arrives on Diwali night, Goddess Lakshmi can find herself in relatively clean surroundings and be happy to shower her blessings on her devotees. That is probably the reason why Ministers of the Congress are overjoyed that Sonia-ji has given certain directives to ensure that the present deteriorating culture be replaced forthwith by more austere measures. Of course, such directives are nothing new – once in a while, when the clean-up bug bites, such measures are drawn up and implemented for a while till dilution sets in. A recently conducted survey discovered that people in Pune are among the happiest of persons in the World and that Indians are the second sexiest Nation in the World, next only to Brazil! Therefore, with Indians looming up large in different spheres, it is but natural that our Politicians rise to the occasion and try to win the honor of the Nation of the best behaved and honest Politicians. Eyebrows may be raised, the lips may twitch to suppress the smiles – but, as they say, there is no harm in trying. Events like these have been known to happen; hence, the old faithfuls of the Congress may still repent and toe the line drawn by Sonia-ji. They may, in fact, consent to refuse gifts and bouquets at functions – on the dais or stage or podium or whatever. As a cynic remarked, they may wink and tell the organizers to put the gift quietly in the dickey of their car.

The 18 point agenda that Sonia-ji has formulated aims at cutting the ostentatious and ugly display of power by ministers and organizational bigwigs. 5 of these are for the PCCs and 13 for the governments of Congress ruled states. A few of them are –

Only economy class travel for ministers and officials
Putting a cap on official telephone bills of ministers and officials
Cutting STD and International call facilities on official phones
Red lights and sirens to be used only on vehicles of the Governor and the CM
Ministers should have only one official vehicle
Foundation stone laying ceremonies should be discouraged
Celebration of New Year and religious festivals at government expense be stopped

These instructions were conveyed to the states on September 12 but implementation of sorts has only just begun in the form of relinquishing of some posts of Heads of Commissions or Corporations by the Politicians of Uttaranchal. Obviously, the time has been used to read between the lines and understand the finer prints. And, to ensure complete implementation, a 12 member Ethics Committee has been set up. It seems that MLAs and MPs of New Delhi are being asked to declare annual statements of their assets and incomes.

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