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Monday, October 24, 2005

how to curb suicides

The news of a Security guard of a bank shooting down the Manager and then taking his own life is a shocking state of affairs – this paints a gory picture of how each and everyone of us lead a life of tension, where the tiniest of sparks can ignite the fuse and set off an explosion. The action of an individual in the heat of a moment brings untold miseries to all those whom he leaves behind.

Suicide is the worst type of killer diseases that is devouring people – it has no relevance to age. Old, sick persons jot down a few lines of apology and swallow a handful of sleeping pills or consume rat killer poison or hang themselves. Those that make injudicious investments and discover themselves to be in debt, take the easy way out. Sometimes, the complete family takes the drastic step. Then there are youngsters who are unable to come up to the expectations of their parents. The number of kids who commit suicides because the mother scolded them or the father did not allow them to watch a TV program or some such seemingly innocent reason is also on the rise. Along with these are suicides of the lovelorn ones and persons of the armed forces or the police who find the workload too difficult to handle and duty hours so demanding – a shot in the head from close quarters does the job.

Psychologists and social workers are continuously trying to educate the society at large but, when someone is intent on taking his life, there is very little that anyone can do. Obviously, society has to play a major role - how to prevent such tragic events is a subject that needs to be dealt with in details. Agreed there are help lines, there are counselors, there are guidance committees. All of these are useless if people who manage them are not serious about the activities involved. In this connection, I remember a masterpiece of a movie of the sixties on this theme – it was called ‘the Slender Thread’ and had an electrifying performance by the legendary Sydney Poitier. The slender thread was the telephone and Sydney receives a telephone call from an actress – she says that she has swallowed sleeping pills and has very little time left. Sydney scribbles ‘trace the call’ to his assistant and keeps the woman talking till she is traced and rescued!

It is this sort of commitment that is required.

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