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Monday, October 31, 2005

the googly in the gulley

India humbled Sri Lanka third time in a row. In the bargain, we discovered the hidden talent of a winning combination that had been eluding us no matter how hard we tried to reverse the trend. We rejoiced in grabbing one more world record – young M. S. Dhoni becomes the wicketkeeper-batsman in ODI with the highest score.

There was, once upon a time a little master named Sunny Gavaskar who even today holds a world record of the highest number of centuries in Test cricket. He had for company Gundappa Vishwanath - two ‘G’s for you. They surrendered the stage to Dada Ganguli, also a ‘G’ – who, in his own typically special way, imparted to the game an attitude of bonhomie that added to its charm. Now, yet another ‘G’ has come on the scene of Indian cricket – Greg Chappell. He has taken on a difficult job with his sights on World Cup 2007. His strategy has worked three times in a row. When the visitors reached a score of 299 in the 3rd game, and when Sachin perished to a shot that he could have very easily left alone, a hush descended in the field and the spectators feared the worst. But, Dhoni rose like the knight in shining armour and belted the visitors to all parts of the field. He ultimately notched up ten sixers. Howe long can Greg-ji sustain the winning streak?

‘G’, the 7th alphabet of the English language, has a very positive influence on our lives. The salutation ‘ji’ has permeated into all levels of modern society and, thanks to the umpteen plus soaps on the telly, we have created a new lingo of Mummy-ji and Daddy-ji – how wonderfully the East has blended with the West has to be seen and heard to be believed. On a different plane, there are leaders with ‘G’ in their names who have dared to venture where lesser mortals fear to tread. Gandhi-ji was an example followed by others who carried the name like Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul. We continuously hear of the G-7 summit and the G-4 declaration – in these cases, ‘G’ indicates a select group of Nations who have come together with certain objectives. Our sacred rivers Ganges and Godavari as also our holy scripture the Gita and the deity of deities Lord Ganesh alias Ganapati all fall in this elite bracket.

To return to cricket – here, as in other fields, ‘G’ has always played a prominent role in re-inventing the game, much to the delight of its supporters and, there is no shortage of them. The game is, after all, one that ensures that the googly gets your man in the gulley!

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