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Monday, September 26, 2005

rave about dev

Dev Anand turns 82 today – and, he stills remains the evergreen hero of yesteryears. Even now, when we see him in Hum Dono or Guide or CID or Prem Pujari or Asli Naqli or Johnny mera naam or Teen Deviyan or Hare Ram Hare Krishna we long to relive those lost days. His mannerisms of dropping shoulders and raised shirt collar have remained unique to his personality. His songs in his film Sharabi had a haunting touch and the lively numbers of Teen Deviyan are unforgettable. That is why remixes of songs from his films have become popular with the youth of today. That is the beauty of melodious tunes, of meaningful lyrics – they remain for eternity. Today’s sizzling numbers will fade into oblivion, fifty years hence no one will consider remixing them but, believe me, songs of Teen Deviyan or Hare Ram Hare Krishna can still rule the roost fifty years down the line. He is of the vintage of Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor and, it does him credit that he did not venture into the field of politics – to him, the profession that he had chosen was sacrosanct.

The inimitable M F Hussein is another birthday boy of September – he turned 90 on the 17th of September. An artist par excellence, he loves to walk barefoot and, even at the advanced age of 90, has the energy and ingenuity to put younger persons to shame. A few master strokes of his brush bring alive his dream characters. He is one who believes that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Dev Anand holds beliefs similar to Hussein’s – that is why he is releasing yet another of his creations. Age, to these masters, is never considered to be a deterrent to enjoy the good things of life.

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